Healing from emotional trauma. Understand and transform the burden of past emotional trauma from your childhood, birth, or ancestry, and live an unconventional lifestyle of your choice.


Emotional Healing Facilitator, Business and Digital Nomad Enthusiast and Podcast Host, World Citizen, Passionate Activist for the New Earth Living

healing from emotional trauma

About Wakeful Rebels

Why Wakeful Rebels?

  •  ‘Rebels’ are free thinkers with an open mind and heart, willing to question things. They are creating their own definitions of how to live life and embracing their uniqueness.
  •  ‘Wakeful’ because the rebellion comes from a place of awareness, healing our past emotional traumas, deconditioning, and recognizing our true nature.
  • Combining these qualities creates an aware individual walking the streets on the new Earth while taking action. Bringing polarities together, combining sensitivity and strength, action and awareness, truth and safety.

Meet Jana

Dealing with my challenges such as feelings of shame, anxiety, personal expression blocks, nervous system dysregulation, living on fight or flight mode, insecurities, low confidence, self-worth issues led me to a practice of healing from emotional trauma.

I realized trauma is not just traumas with big T; for most of us, it is often invisible, challenging to pinpoint, and not necessarily a one-time event but recurring during the course of our early life when we are most vulnerable, and we carry it into our adulthood.

Trying to fit in, mostly suppressing and not knowing how to express my emotions/thoughts/ideas, and not embracing my different perceptions, not embracing my weirdness was causing me a great deal of anxiety and stress. So I wanted to fix myself quickly to be more social, presentable, and lovable. Well, quick fixing didn’t work, and the journey led me to more acceptance of myself, realizing all the illusions I had about life. It also led me to facing my fears with sensitivity and slowly putting aside learned behaviors that no longer served me.

I had no idea how to process emotions. To navigate the world of emotions was extremely challenging for me. I fully identified with the world of feeling without making the connection to early lived experiences, where and how I learned these and how much sense they make now in my adult life. I felt my emotions deeply and my strategy was to suppress them, leading to overwhelming anxiety and stress. So it was difficult for me to start navigate this world of emotion, thought and start to address it.

With time, I learned to set boundaries, say no, go against the stream, accept emotions that come with it, and use my intuition. Of course, I make mistakes along the way, difficult emotions come, and sometimes I doubt myself. Yet, I know now that my different perception of the world is my strength. It is okay to live off the beaten path, and it doesn’t come without obstacles. It is okay to be different, not to fit into the “being normal” definition.

During the sessions, I primarily work with IFS and EFT techniques. I also incorporate the dream work, ancestral connections and past lives into the healing process if needed.

I support people to live their soul purpose, creating freedom lifestyles, conscious relationships, being their own bosses and setting up their own rules no matter how crazy or boring they seem to the outside world.

We did not come here to work jobs we don’t like just to pay the bills.


  • Internal Family Systems Level 1 Practicioner
  • EFT Universe Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner
  • Shifting the Power, Fall 2023 Course w/Aneeke Lucas
  • EFT Universe Ancestral Healing Workshop
  • Metaphysical Anatomy level 2 Advanced Course
  • The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening, A Six-Month Advanced Training to Intensify Presence and Live Your Highest Purpose
healing from emotional trauma, uzdravení z emočního traumatu


The mission of the Wakeful Rebels is to support the creation of the new aware world. On a personal level, healing emotionally, physically, mentally & reconnecting with our true nature. On a collective level, breaking free from illusions. Healing power dynamics and manipulation strategies that keep us small and disempowered.