Already the name Wakeful Rebels indicates two qualities involved, Wakefulness and Rebellion. First, rebels are free thinkers with an open mind. On the other hand, the Wakeful aspect represents doing all this with an element of awareness, sensibility, and kindness.

So what kind of topics can you expect to be covered?

On a personal level, we will cover topics such as the role of emotions in our lives, health, relationships, spiritual aspect of life such as going beyond ego and mind, or financial freedom. We will look for creative, perhaps non-conventional solutions to problems and ways to live our best lives, and not compromise our dreams.

As we start awakening from the illusion on a personal level, we often begin noticing changes that are needed on a collective level as well.
So we will touch upon topics on the collective level, such as old power dynamics, scattering delusions we carry as a society, or patterns passed down and inherited that no longer serve us. The changes are happening on all levels in economics, justice, education, health, food, or media, just to name a few.

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