World Citizen, Activist for the New Earth, Trauma Healing Practitioner, Blogger,
Business and Digital Nomad Enthusiast and Podcast Host.

About Jana

Dealing with my personal challenges such as disempowerment, stuck in the victim mentality, shame, social anxiety, family and relationship issues and several other delusions were running my life–my healing journey comprised of trauma healing practice/ emotional healing therapies, breath work and meditation.

I believe if we want the change in the world; we have to take responsibility and change inside and process these difficult emotions that are blocking us from being at our best. By processing the emotions we can be the change we wish for in the world because if every one of us becomes empowered.

I would like to create a community to connect like-minded people that went through obstacles and healed and had great lives. If it was a journey from childhood trauma to emotional healing, or a journey from poverty to financial abundance, from being a scared child to an empowered individual.

I studied international law, and that’s where my passion for documentaries started, I made connections how this system works and realised that we are often time misled and manipulated in our personal lives, the same goes with human right, international politics and relations. So I woke up from the illusion that I am going to do good deeds with the organisations such as UN soon after I dug into the first materials and well connected the dots quickly. International treaties are nicely drafted on the paper but are not complied with, the decisions are made based on the where the money is, especially in foreign aid, was my biggest disappointment. So this is a quick explanation why you find this kind of content on my website.

My intention is to inspire people to live a more conscious life, not to get brainwashed by mainstream media, be independent financially, have better, more loving relationships.


The mission of the WakefulRebels is to support the new aware world and conscious society. On a personal level healing – emotional, spiritual and physical & overcoming challenges that come with it. As well as scattering delusions on the level of the collective – old power dynamics, realising the truths in international politics/ media and preserving human rights.

Parts Therapy

Parts work addresses conflicts between parts that are usually responsible for obstacle in your emotional healing. With Parts work, trauma is addressed through giving voice to different parts in our system, getting to know them, and understand how they relate to the rest of the system and what role do they play. By doing this we can, for example, update our parts, that the situation has changed and we are not helpless children anymore, ask them what are their needs, wants and what worries them the most.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a quick method of stress reduction. It combines remembering a traumatic event (like exposure therapy) with physical stimulation (like acupuncture/acupressure) of common stress-reduction points. EFT is like acupuncture for the emotions, it can help you feel better about the problems in your life, reduce stress hormones like cortisol, it can assist you with outdated belief reprogramming and helps you create the life you wish to live instead of living life based on an old conditioning that no longer works for you.

How many sessions to book?

This is up to you, some people book one session. Some decide to have continuous support or accountability support (in case you are struggling with keeping up with your goals) or routine comprising the right practices. It all depends what is your intention for the coaching session. For more sessions I offer discounted packages, please contact me via message.