how to make a vision board online

Create an Online Vision Board in 6 Easy Steps

If you don’t like to go through different magazines and cut out picture for your vision board, here is a short guidance on how you can simply create an online vision board. It is as simple as tuning in to your desired life outcome, clarify what you want, google the images, select the ones that resonated the most, save it to the desktop and add it to your online vision board.

What are the 6 Easy Steps to Create An Online Vision Board?

1. Tune In.

Take a seat where you won’t be disturbed for an hour or two, light up a candle, ask your busy parts to relax, so you can connect from a deeper, calmer place. If they are unwilling to tune in, explain to them that you will be creating this vision board to get more clarity on what you want o experience in life and become more intentional, what you will be doing and why. (add your own genuine reasons)

2. Write It Down & Be As Specific As Possible.

Now, when you are in a right place, think about what do you wish to experience one year from now. Consider tuning in for each category separately: Career, Relationships, Health, Wellness & Self-Care, Finances, Spirituality, Travel Goals, etc. Write down you vision for each category separately. Be as specific as possible when you write down your goals (for instance, if you write down that you want to have a lot of money, how much is a lot, till what date…)

Tune in to the new version of you. What does he/she wish to experience? How does he/she want to feel? What motivates him/her?

Be playful and take time if you struggle to come up with specific goal for each category. Stay with it longer, maybe for a day or two. Imagine yourself in different case scenarios and see what feels right. If you struggle to do so, you can think of what you don’t want to experience and let that inspire you to create the opposite of that, or some version of the opposite.

3. Open Your Online Editing Tool & Select Template.

For the purpose of creating this online vision board, I used a free Canva account, but feel free to use another graphic design tool. I used the whiteboard template in Canva for my vision board (4000 x 2050 px). I created the template for you, here is the link. It’s a big size format with plenty of space to add text and many images. If you want more simpler version, each for keywords like mood board, whiteboard, collage and find the right template for you.

Now the creative part of the project, place images inside of your empty template and add text to further specify your visions and goals.

4. Browse the Internet and Find the Right Images.

Based on what you wrote brows the internet and look for the images that resonate with your vision/goal the most. Save them in one folder and drag and drop them in Uploads in Canva.

5. Finalize Your Vision Board  & Place It Somewhere Visible.

You can add or remove images and text as you visions{goals become more clear. Leave it for a couple of days and come back when you wish to change things. When you are done with your work, you can print out your artwork and place it somewhere visible. Put a miniature version in your purse, and a full-size version on your refrigerator for instance.

6. Processing The Old & Updating Your System.

Why does my old self hold me back and believe it’s not possible? What parts of me are preventing me to go and live my dreams and how can I set myself free? Whenever you look at your vision board and your critical voice or other voice says it is not possible for you, it is too difficult, write is down and come back to it to release the old and update your body and cells to a new reality. You can choose to use healing modality to process outdated belief systems or painful emotions that caused you to experience the current reality.

Bonus Question

  • Ask your self what initial (small) step can you take right away? Ideally to this for each category and write it down.