Healing Books for Inspiration – Physical Health, Finances, Emotional Healing

We all went thought awakening moments when reading a book opened our eyes, inspired us or changed us. Books are my big passion, and many times I order more of them than I actually have time to read. I would like to share my list below for inspiration. Some books I came about recently, some are Evergreens.Here are my tips for spiritual healing books. 

Awakening Books – Evergreens

  • Neale Donald Walsch. Awaken the Species. Most probably you know more famous trilogy Conversations with God. This is one of my favourite spiritual healing books. I recommend you have a look at those three books as well. I enjoyed reading the trilogy quite some time ago and it still I stayed with me. This book is about the humans being invited to assist the planet during the collective evolution. Now it’s the time when we decide on the future life on the planet.
  • Eckhart Tolle. New Earth. This is the Bible of New Age spirituality I read years ago, but I will happily come back to this book anytime. If not, this book then I will watch one of his teachings or courses.
  • Steve Taylor. The Leap. About Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment and making it more ordinary and a new step in evolution that we are undergoing collectively.
  • Anita Moorjani. Dying to be Me. Her story on beating cancer can inspire anyone dealing with a health issue, and it shows how amazingly capable of healing our bodies are when we decondition our minds and living from our heart.
  • Matt Kahn. Whatever Arises Love That. The title speaks for itself in this case, and this is a healing book that focuses on opening our hearts and transforming our reality.
  • Joe Dispenza.Becoming Supernatural. About transcending old belief systems, new states of being, tuning into higher frequencies, changing reality that no longer serve us and transforming our biology.

Emotional Healing Therapy Books

Health Books

Finance Books
  • Robert Kiosaki. Rich Dad Poor.  I was for a long time resisting reading any books about alternative finances, until finances started to bother me too much. This book will not make you rich overnight, but definitely will give you great tips about finances and investing that you didn’t learn at school.

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