First Aid for Social Anxiety: Gain Confidence in Social Situations


How to Deal With Social Anxiety in the Moment of Trigger?
Learn Powerful Tools How To Deal With Social Anxiety In The Moment, Gain Confidence And Realise Self-Value.



Are you easily triggered in social situations? When challenged by social situations, does this sound familiar?
  • Are you sweatinghaving heart palpitations, or feeling sick in the stomach?
  • Are you blushing and your mind going blank?
  • Are you exhibiting poor communication skills, not knowing how to position your body, or struggling to make eye contact?
  • Are you struggling to tackle challenging social scenarios – online or offline – work meetings, dating, giving a speech or presentation, making small talk, being the center of attention, or meeting new people?
  • Are you going on a date, an interview, getting ready to speak up in a meeting, or going to a party where you do not know anyone, and – you experience emotions of fear, shame, or intense nervousness?
  • Are you wondering how to deal with social anxiety in the moment?


Know it’s okay & there are practical tools you can utilize that will put you back in the driver’s seat!
You Can Be In Control Of Your Emotions, Thought Processes, And Body Responses In Social Situations.
Know how to help yourself in the moment of the trigger when you can’t think clearly, your mind goes blank, your body is in visible distress, and all you can think of is running away from the situation.
I created the book FIRST AID FOR SOCIAL ANXIETY (How to Deal With Social Anxiety in the Moment of Trigger?). It incorporates a collection of tools and tips that worked wonders for me.
A little bit of a preview:

This book will help you to:

#1 – Understand Why you Feel Unsafe in Social Situations with People and React the Way You Do.
#2 – Define What Situations are the Most Triggering For You and Find Out Their Level of Intensity.
#3 – Understand the Feelings of Anxiousness, Stress, or Unrest in Social Situations and Befriend the  Socially Anxious Part.
#4 – Learn to Regulate Your Nervous System with Effective Tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Parts Work, or Other Easy-to-remember Exercises and Meditations.
#5 – Learn Precise Locations of Meridian Tapping Points According to Chinese Medicine to Ease Your Anxiety on the Spot (Includes Visuals of Meridian Point Locations to Calm Down your Nervous System on the Spot In the Moment of Trigger + Snapshots of In Action Application in Social Situations).
#6 – Learn Small Actionable Steps Forward and Easy to Apply Short Exercises Pretty Much in Any Social Situation.
#7 – Answer Pinpointed Questions to Understand the Socially Anxious Part on a Deeper Level.
#8 – Know What to Do In The Moment of Triggering Social Occasion.
#9 – Learn What to Do After the Challenging Social Situation.
#10 – Transform Anxious Feelings that Come Up Whenever you Face a Social Situation.
#11 – Meet Your Future Social Anxiety-Free Self.
#12 – Get to Know Tips for Naturally – Derived Supplements To Assist With Social Anxiety.
And Much More …
Bonus Gift Items Included Inside the Book:
  • Tapping Meditation: Release Social Anxiety with Meridian Tapping
  • Healing Mediation: Unburden the Socially Anxious Part
  • Rehearsal: My Future Without Social Anxiety
  • Exercise: Connect with the Anxious Part in the Moment of Trigger
  • Fast Track: Practice Session in the Moment of Trigger



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